Use Pittsburgh Female Strippers from Wild Thingz

Pittsburgh Party Strippers from Wild Thingz Enterainment
for your next bachelor party!


At a Pittsburgh Strip Club-Spend too much money $$$ for eye candy-no participation!


A Club Dancer , or Personal Friend


Think again if you believe that you can pay less by going to a strip club and expect to receive the hands on quality entertainment that Wild Thingz delivers. You have to pay to sit on your hands with 50 to 100 guys you don t even know. An average party has 15 to 25 guys. Going to one of the clubs will cost at least $10. per guy cover charge, which comes to $200. just to walk in the place. This total does not include any drinks or dances. At $5.00 per drink times 3 equals another $15. per guy. We are up to a minimum of $25.00 per guy or $500.00. Do you really think that those 3 drinks are going to last for 2 hrs?


So you think you found a deal by calling the club Pittsburgh Female Stripper you just met the other night. Or you convinced your friend to do party. If you like taking risks, then there is something you need to know. A club pittsburgh female strippers will not take off on Friday or Sat night,which are the big money nights, to do a party. Not to mention club dancers are usually not as entertaining or look as good as private party dancers. We receive last minute bookings every weekend from guys who try this way. Be smart use Wild Thingz party dancers , a party service who has been making parties , nights to remember for years.


We Offer Competitive Pricing!


"Other Companies"

Our prices have remained the same as they were 10 years ago, Even though we offer the best value for the dollar, we stay competitive so we can continue to build our customer base and keep repeat customers satisfied. The old adage holds true even in our get what you pay for. But if you find a better deal check see what you are getting,how long in business,where located. If from out of town,or in someones basement forget it. We guarantee you if you compare we will beat it hands down. Even if we don have the best price. WE WILL MEET OR BEAT ANY PRICE YOU GET BY 10%


Wild Thingz has been doing parties for 19 years in Western Pa.,operating from our office location in Pittsburgh. We are the only Pittsburgh Female Strippers entertainment company which is really in Pittsburgh, and or not operating out of someones basement somewhere.We have a local number, and do not require a deposit,pay when girls arrive. Beware of out of town companies who promise the world and cant deliver. Always ask where is your office? How long have you been in business? Are you licensed and bonded?


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