A Two Stripper Bachelor Party Show

Pittsburgh Strippers: Wild Thingz Entertainment provides female strippers in
Pittsburgh for a two stripper bachelor party show


Pittsburgh,Pa. Bachelor Party Shows

For most bachelor parties we recommend our 2 stripper duo show. You can go to a club anytime and experience nude strippers . But you cannot get the entetainment offered by having your own party and our 2 stripper Fantasy Show.

All of our Pittsburgh Strippers perform a sexy striptease that results in a fully nude show! All of our parties INCLUDE the Hardcore Lesbian Toyshow at NO extra charge! Lapdances are full contact (no silly"air dances") & you may touch the strippers! Throughout the show, body shots, whipped cream races will be offered to all the guests! All the guys have a good time, and the bachelor has a night remember.

XXX-Rated Fantasy Show

If you are ready to experience the wild side of two hot girls , this is definitely the show for you. Two wild thingz strippers will taunt, tantalize and tease the guest of honor at the same time.

These ladies show up with their game face on and ready to take your breath away, they start off by humiliating the guest of honor, they work him over a little bit depending on his willingness to be a good sport and the level of audience participation, will determine that duration of that part of the show this generaly goes on for about five to ten minutes, by the time there done working him over they are completely nude and are ready to spend some time with the rest of the guests, they go out into the crowd and start their lap dances and believe me there not shy, there in your face style is up close and personal just like white on rice.

The longer the show goes on the strippers fall madly in love with each other and the show becomes a full blown love fest with girl on girl action at its finest. The girls pull out their tool box and go to work on each other which is very naughty,but at the same time classy and tasteful. The Duo Show is a wet and wild turn on. Get ready to experience a night to remember. This show usually last 1.5 to 2 hrs. Call or email Bob today-he can help you plan your event.

X-Rated Show

So now were starting to heat things up all bets are off so are the cloths this show typically lasts 1 hr to 1.5 hrs. sometimes longer depending on audience participation. This type of show can be anywhere from mild to wild leaving you breathless with the hottest Female Stripper,or Strippers. This show can be one or two girls

R-Rated Show

This one heats up a little bit but doesn’t push the envelope all the way, this show can last anywhere from 45 min. to 1hr.The female can strip topless wearing a G-String, The option for the entertainers to strip fully nude is
available upon request, as to not offend any of the guests This show reccommended for birthday parties,retirement parties, strip-o-grams.

G-Rated Show

For the mild crowd or the conservative bunch this show can last anywhere from 40 min to 1 hr . Typically this type of show calls for one stripper just to surprise the guest of honor usually a Birthday Party, Office party or Going Away Party (etc.), or just about anything you can think of. At this show the Female Stripper can strip down to a bikini, So not to offend any of the guests. This show is for all ages.

Full full information and help planning and booking your event call Bob at 412 276 2322 or email us now!


We provide male and female party strippers to bachelor parties in Pittsburgh, Pa. and all of the following counties : Allegheny , Greensburg, Westmoreland, Uniontown and all of Fayette , New Castle and all of Lawrence, Kittanning and all of Armstrong. Beaver and all of Beaver . Youngtown Ohio, Wheeling W.Va, Weirton W.Va. Morgantown West Virginia. Deep Creek Lake in McHenry Maryland, and Swanton Maryland. n Ohio, Wheeling W.Va, Weirton W.Va. Morgantown West Virginia Deep Creek Maryland, McHenry Maryland.

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